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Joerg Tiedemann (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 13:49:16 +0100 (NFT)


Maybe somebody can help me.
I'm working on a project to extract bilingual lexicons from pre-aligned
parallel corpora.
Now I found some information about related projects but somtimes
this information is quite short and more detailed information is hard to
obtain. Especially some articles in proceedings of ACL workshops or Annual
Meetings sound quite interesting to me but I couldn't find them or order
them in the libraries I can use.
So maybe it is possible to get some of them in an electronical saved
version or somehow else.

It would also be interesting to see some test versions or some test
results of systems like
Champollion (Smadja...)
char_align (Church)
Candide (Brown)
Termight (Dagan/Church)
Bicord (Klavans/Tzoukermann)
or other approaches (Kupiec, van der Eijk, Fung/McKeown, Wu/Xia...)

I'll appreciate every answer and thanks in advance,

Joerg Tiedemann

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