Re: Corpora: US company claims patent

Pete Whitelock (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 12:02:26 +0100

Please excuse me if the discussion has already mentioned this

The Dutch Company DLT did a whole load of work on translation using
Esperanto as an Interlingua in the mid-80s. As far as I know, the
first document to talk about this is A.P.M Witkam (1983) Distributed
Language Translation: feasibility study of a multilingual facility
for videotex information networks, BSO Utrceht. This seems to predate
Tolin's patent by 4 years. Even if Tolin was involved in this research,
I can't imagine that Witkam, his colleague Schubert, or DLT/BSO
would be happy for him to have exclusive IPR over it. Is anybody
from that project reading this message, and could they help Jacques.

Pete Whitelock

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