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Chris Tribble (
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 09:15:08 +0100

Sean - Re the wordlist checking macro - is there any chance of you
posting the listing of this as it sounds like a tool that many people in
the community could find a use for... and BTW if anyone wants a listing
for a simple concordancer that runs as a word macro (KWIC or Sentence
contexts) they can find them on my homepage.


Chris Tribble

Lingua Systems wrote:
> Jean Hudson wrote:
> >The purpose of using your own dictionary and only your own dictionary
> >is so that you can check a file against a restricted vocabulary list,
> >a common requirement in ELT books. Obviously, it is not too difficult
> >a programming task to write a program to check every word in a file
> >(especially if it is a plain text file), but why reinvent the wheel
> >if programs already exist? And ideally, the spellchecking program
> >would work seamlessly within your word processor while working on the
> >file.
> On solution, which I have used, is to create a list of "allowed" words in a
> text file and then construct a Word macro which can be added to the
> menu/toolbar of word.
> This macro takes each word from your document and checks it against the word
> list. If the word is not found it is then marked in some way in the main
> text (e.g. by turning it bright bold red).
> Very simple and, although not amazingly fast with longer documents & word
> lists, very effective.
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