Corpora: Survey of Text Summarization Products

inderjeet mani (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 13:22:05 -0400

<fontfamily><param>Times</param><bigger><bigger>We are conducting a
preliminary survey of existing text summarization products, i.e.,
summarization systems that are available for use (as commercial
products, or otherwise) . Please send information to,
including (at least) the information below. Information received will
be linked to a URL, and will be posted to this list.

Organization Name:

Product Name and Version:

URL for product info:

Current user base:

Point of Contact email:

Intended use:

Summary of Product Capabilities:

(Please include information about input, output, speed, platforms, and
- if possible - any evaluation that has been conducted. Details
regarding data preparation, genre restrictions, summarization
parameters, etc., would be especially useful.)



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