Corpora: Corpus of Italian

Andrea Mulloni (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 17:04:35 +0100

Dear all!

For those of you that got back to me about the Italian Corpus I was looking
for: I put together all the stuff I got on the net about reports on the
Italian Commission against the Mafia:

Got two files for you:

1) Commission meeting under President Luciano Violante
1,676,863 running words, with layout, around 4,000 pages (word)

2) Commission meetings under President Tiziana Parenti
422,590 running words, with layout, around 1,000 pages (word)

the reports were delivered in 1995

Both untagged and in Word format. I still have to sort out which tagger
does the job best under mac. And, above all, I need some more time for
that... :))

contact me for any further information




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