Re: Corpora: corpora history revisited

Philip Resnik (
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 11:34:37 -0500 (EST)

> Had anybody heard about any research or reference about Bible as a
> special corpus of texts?

You might be interested in some recent work on treating the Bible as a
multilingual corpus for computational purposes:

Philip Resnik, Mari Broman Olsen, and Mona Diab, "Creating a
Parallel Corpus from the Book of 2000 Tongues", Text Encoding
Initiative 10th Anniversary User Conference (TEI-10), Providence,
November 1997.

Philip Resnik, Mari Broman Olsen, and Mona Diab, ``The Bible as a
Parallel Corpus: Annotating the `Book of 2000 Tongues''', to appear
in Computers and the Humanities.

Tapas Kanungo and Philip Resnik, "The Bible, Truth, and Multilingual
OCR Evaluation", In Proc. of SPIE Conference on Document Recognition
and Retrieval (VI), San Jose, CA, 27-28 January, 1999.

I. Dan Melamed, "Manual Annotation of Translational Equivalence:
The Blinker Project", IRCS Technical Report #98-07, U Penn,

I would be very interested in hearing about similar projects.


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