Re: Corpora: Corpora and XML

P.Fezzi & D.Di Piazza (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 09:59:26 +0200

Jarle Ebeling wrote:

> I started converting our corpus texts from SGML (TEI) to XML, but stopped
> since I couldn't find any software (= browsers) that could display the
> texts the way I wanted. IE 5 was great up to a point, but I couldn't get
> the linking to work properly, and that's essential since ours is a parallel
> corpus.

IE5 does not support XML XLinks: for the moment you can translate XLinks in
HTML Links (loosing some features of XLinks, like multiple links), using XSL
(and not CSS) stylesheets. You can understand XSL visiting the W3C site, at
URL , and the Microsoft site, at URL . The advantage in
using XSL as stylesheet, is that you can get multiple views of the same
document, with the same XML markup. XSL is usually applied to translate XML
markup in HTML markup.

> So, the question is, does anyone have any experience with displaying XML
> texts of a moderately complex structure?

In a project of University of Bologna we are coding in XML historical sources
of philosophical and scientific thought between '800 and '900, but for the
moment we have nothing on-line.

Paolo Fezzi