Re: Corpora: Copyrights

P. Timothy Ervin (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 07:26:41 +0900

I'm not a copyright expert, but I do remember that one homepage, The Holden
Server, which simply put up a random quotation from American writer J. D.
Salinger's _The Catcher in the Rye_, had to be taken down for copyright
infringement. This may be a special case, but it certainly fits your second
and third concern.

Troublesome as it may seem, you would probably still need to check with the
copyright holders for your project.

For what it's worth.


P. Timothy Ervin
Yasuda Women's University
Hiroshima, Japan

> My question concerns getting copyrights for the texts. In talking with a
> person at the granting agency they indicated that it would probably be
> necessary to get written permission from the publishers of each of the 122
> texts on the corpus. I myself wonder if this is really necessary or
> feasible, however, because of a number of factors, e.g.: