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Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 18:36:44 MET

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    LDC does have transcribed broadcast news. See
    <> under the heading
    Broadcast text . You'll see the following:


    Broadcast text
    [ text <> ]
     <> LDC98T31 1996 CSR
    Hub-4 Language Model

     <> LDC97T22 1996
    English Broadcast News Transcripts (Hub-4)

     <> LDC98T28 1997
    English Broadcast News Transcripts (Hub-4)

     <> LDC98T24 1997
    Mandarin Broadcast News Transcripts (Hub-4NE)

     <> LDC98T29 1997
    Spanish Broadcast News Transcripts (Hub-4NE)

     <> LDC99T36 USC
    Marketplace Broadcast News Transcripts
    However, access to these collections may require you to be a member. I'm
    cc'ing LDC on this, hopefully they'll get back to you directly.
       -- Raman Chandrasekar

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    my research topic is domain based adaptation of language model. For my work
    I hardly need a text corpus
    with topic tags.
    Broadcast corpus seems to be appropriate. Where can I get it? I don't find
    it in LDC catalog. I also write 2
    e-mails to Primary Source Media to get some information and I got no answer.

    Please, help!




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