Re: Corpora: language engineering

Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 10:45:05 MET

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    European Union Telematics research funding agencies assume "Language
    Engineering" involves modelling language on computers, eg Glossary in
    "The Language Machine" definition:

    language engineering - the application of knowledge of language to the
    development of computer systems that can recognise, understand, interpret
    and generate human language in all its forms.

    However, I could understand social scientists / sociolinguists might want
    to extend the notion of "social engineering", planning and organising
    society, to "language engineering", meaning to (attempt to) impose
    planning and constraints on language development; for example, the Academie
    Francais banning the use of certain words as "un-French". That said,
    I have never heard or seen the phrase "language engineering" with this
    sense; can any Corpus Linguists help out with KWIC citations?....

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