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From: Tim Buckwalter (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 02:23:14 MET

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    How many "Language Engineers" are there out there, or am I the only one? I
    was given this interesting title (and Senior, mind you) when I was hired,
    although I expected something more like "Computational Linguist" or
    "Corpus-Driven Lexical Statistician." I compile corpora in numerous
    languages and generate a variety of word frequency counts, and I work in
    collaboration with conventional "Software Engineers": the guys who write
    code, especially for embedded systems (check out our website for details).
    Perhaps my status is equal to theirs, so I've been promoted to "engineer,"
    although my coding is limited to writing Perl scripts. In any case, I'm not
    complaining! I noticed that on our Jobs Opportunities page we do use the
    term Computational Linguist.

    Tim Buckwalter
    Senior Language Engineer
    Tegic Communications
    1000 Dexter Ave N, Suite 300
    Seattle, WA 98109-3574
    direct: 206.268.7552
    fax: 206.343.7004
    "Language engineering is what a language engineer does."

    P.S.: If you are interested in work at Tegic (as a Computational Linguistic
    or whatever you wish to call yourself) let me know...

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