Corpora: verb-forms

From: Alejandro Curado Fuentes (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 12:28:59 MET

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    Since the subject of processing progressive forms in corpora has come up
    recently, I must say that I agree with Chris Tribble concerning the
    application of Mike Scott's WordSmith. It has also helped me to establish
    this type of POS tagging with "*V*G>*ING" as a search string. The
    identification of such patterns in specific corpora says a lot in terms of
    stylistic analysis, and that is highly valued when you come to face up to
    language description for teaching purposes. I don't think there is a safer
    method from this perspective to cling to empirical data (at least for us
    language teachers not knowing programming).
    All the best

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