Re: Corpora: Formal Spoken English

Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 01:58:12 MET

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    I'm certain there are corpora of European Parliament debates
    and question-answer sessions, in English and other EU languages.
    If you look at the ELRA catalogue
    I'm sure you will find some.

    Concordances were used as part of the supporting tools in the EU-funded
    SELECT project which I worked on at the University of Wolverhampton:

    Tim Johns at Birmingham University has done considerable work in the
    use of concordances for teaching in general:
    and for English for Academic Purposes in particular:

    Chris Tribble has also done a lot of work in this field, but I'm
    sorry I don't have his details to hand (apologies, Chris!).


    Ramesh Krishnamurthy
    Honorary Research Fellow, Corpus Research Group, University of Birmingham
    Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton

    P.S. COBUILD published some Concordance Samplers for use in teaching
    a few years ago. Unfortunately, I think these may now be out of print,
    but you may be able to get a copy by contacting COBUILD directly.
    Workbooks to accompany many COBUILD publications may also contain some
    concordance-based exercises. The COBUILD website has a concordance-based
    competition, and among the subscribers to CobuildDirect, there may be some
    teachers who use concordances in their exercise materials...

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