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Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 11:57:40 MET

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    At 08:56 AM 2/25/00 -0500, Bill Fisher wrote:
    > konstantina stamou wrote: Dear All, I am trying to find a syllable
    >dictionary on the web but my efforts have been fruitless so far. Do you
    >happen to know if such a thing exists, first of all, and if it does could
    >you possibly help me to locate it?I would like to thank you in advance.
    > In English at least, the set of syllables is practically the same as the
    > ignoring accidental gaps, so you could get
    >one of the regular pronunciation dictionaries, such as CMU's,
    >( and filter
    >out all polysyllabic items. - Bill F.

    And the English Pronouncing Dictionary available for institutional sales
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