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Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 11:20:11 MET DST

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    I think the short answer is "there is no standard answer, different
    tagging projects and tagged corpora adopt different policy on corrections
    and tokenisation". For example, see

    Atwell E, Demetriou G, Hughes J, Schiffrin A, Souter C, & Wilcock S. 2000.
    A comparative evaluation of modern English corpus grammatical annotation
    schemes. to appear in ICAME Journal, vol.24.

    Even if you are using existing guidelines (you mention Penn Treebank) you
    need not be bound by them if you have good reason to modify them for your
    specific text genre (as long as you document your decision in your Corpus
    Handbook); after all, this is what other corpus-tagging projects have

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    On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, David A. Campbell wrote:

    > Hi, > I've been using the Penn Treebank Project Guidelines for POS tagging > of English text (Beatrice Santorini). I'm tagging raw (unedited and > uncorrected) text and I've had some problems assigning tags in some > cases: > 1. Misspellings. Especially when they are mispelled into other > English word: "He was (d)one eating." > 2. Compound nouns that should be hyphenated, but aren't. "I had a > follow up yesterday" vs. "I had a follow-up yesterday" > 3. Tokenization of dates. Should 3/5/00 be tokenized into 3 / 5 / > 00 and each marked up individually or should it be kept as is? > > Can someone point me to a guide for tagging when there are errors in the > text? > > Thank you, > > David Campbell > Department of Medical Informatics > Columbia University > > >

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