Corpora: XML programmes and tagging

From: Gabriella Rundblad (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 11:50:38 MET DST

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    Dear all,

    Despite having used language corpora for some years, I've
    never put together my own corpus. Until now.

    I'm considering putting together a corpus of Middle English
    using already electronically available text, but tagging it
    to enable searches. I shall be attending the Oxford summer
    seminars on digital resources etc. to learn more, but would
    like to address some of the issues already now and perhaps
    do some tests to see if my idea is plausible at all.

    1) As far as I understand, it is today recommended to use
    XML for tagging purposes. For this I'll need user-friendly
    programme(s), the question is which. I know there are both
    free ware, share ware and commercial products out there,
    though I've never tried (yet) either of them and don't
    know how user-friendly they are. I know HTML and use
    Hotmetal Pro for this (great!) and there is obviously an
    XML equivalent (XMetal). Could you advice what programme(s)
    to use?! Is XMetal good for a never-before-tagger?!

    2) The tagging I would like to do (I'm reading up on TEI
    etc) is a tagging of phrases and clauses, not parts of
    speech. What's been done on this earlier? Any lists of tags

    Grateful for all the advice you can offer.

    Gabriella Rundblad

    University of East Anglia
    School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies
    Norwich NR4 7TJ

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