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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 21:28:52 MET DST

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                            Postdoctoral Position
                              Beckman Institute
                   University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology is seeking a
    postdoctoral fellow for a new project funded by the National Science
    Foundation's ITR program entitled:

            "Multimodal Human Computer Interaction:
             Toward a Proactive Computer."

    This project involves a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from
    Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology and Education
    including Thomas Huang (ECE), David Brown (Ed), David Kriegman (CS),
    Steve Levinson (ECE), George McConkie (Psych), and Dan Roth (CS).

    The ideal candidate will have a broad vision of the future of human
    computer interaction and the technical skills to realize this with
    expertise in at least one of the following areas: computer vision,
    image processing, speech understanding, natural language, learning,
    decision systems, multimedia, or HCI. The candidate should have a
    Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field,
    should enjoy working with a team of researchers on large and
    challenging problems, should have experience in developing large
    software systems, and should communicate well in spoken and written

    This specific project is based on the belief that, to be more
    accessible to the general population, computers must be more proactive
    in their interactions with people. In human interaction, someone who
    waits for each command before making any communication attempt would
    be regarded as uncooperative and unhelpful. In order for a computer to
    be more proactive and, thus, to bear its part of the burden of
    initiation in interactions, it must have (1) much more real-time
    information about its user, and (2) algorithms that select actions
    based on this information rather than simply on user commands. The
    computer needs information about the user's current and past
    emotional, motivational and cognitive state as well as the state of
    the task at hand. Proposed research includes: (1) further development
    of methods to sense user postures, movements, expressions and speech;
    (2) Learning from multi-modal input; (3) analysis and fusion of this
    information to identify and track user states; (4) task state
    tracking; (5) creating a corpus of emotion- and action-labeled
    videotapes for use with computer learning; (6) further development of
    affective communication; (7) development of the basis for
    human-centered state-based action decisions; and (8) evaluation of
    computer proaction on human behavior and response. The testbed is an
    environment for hands-on education in science and engineering, using
    the Lego Mindstorms construction and robotics environment, with
    children of middle school age. An emphasis will be on developing
    proactive computing methods for encouraging interest and conceptual
    development of minority children and females, who often show lower
    achievement in science. Although the work will be conducted within an
    educational environment, the methods developed and studied will be
    broadly applicable, and this project should serve as an exemplar of
    the type of work that is needed in other computer-aided situations.

    Please send a CV and the names of three references to:
            Prof. Dan Roth
            Dept. of Computer Science
            University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
            1304 Springfield Ave.
            Urbana, IL 61801

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