Re: Corpora: error tagging of learners' English

From: Jerker Lindblom (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 10:47:05 MET

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    The NativeEnglish Writing Assistant can be found on L&H's web site under the
    name CorrectEnglish which is the OEM-version.
    It does indeed address language specific problems as well as problems common
    to all L2-users.
    A great thing about NE or CE is that it is possible to personalize, or
    tailormake, to one's own personal English proficiency, this to a much higher
    extent than Word's grammar checker.
    Once the user is confident with mastering a specific error, the individual
    rule in the checker can be shut off, or the whole ruletype consisting of all
    similar rules can be shut off (sessionwise or long term). It is also
    possible to choose between different formality levels depending on the type
    of text one produces.
    For more about CorrectEnglish, please see:

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