Re: Corpora: Re: Typing accents in Windows/Words (US-kbd)

Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 11:46:22 MET DST

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    In Word, try Insert - Symbol from the top menu bar. Click on the
    relevant symbol. It displays a shortcut key binding like CTRL+:,A for
    "a umlaut". You can define your own key binding by pressing the
    "shortcut key" bar to make even shorter shortcuts like ALT+C for "c
    cedille" instead of CTRL+,,C. The characters can be pasted into
    other Windows applications, but the key bindings only work in Word
     (they are saved in, if you are lucky).

    > wrote:
    > > used to one without them! And anyway, what's the problem with
    > > diacritics? Monica Merino
    > If you can tell me how to type them in Word under Windows on a US
    > English keyboard I would appreciate it.
    > I only know two methods. Open the Character Map application and
    > 1. Mouse click the character you want, clear the text field, click
    > select, click copy, and paste into your document, then set the font
    > and character attributes consistent with the surrounding text.
    > Remember the ALT-0233 (é) or whatever key combination is shown.
    > 2. Use the appropriate remembered 5 key combination from 1.

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