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Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 00:42:12 MET DST

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     How about using 3 columns. The first one would contain everything before
    the <kw>, the second the keyword and the 3rd would hold the part after the
    </kw>. I'm sure you can use a macro to do this fairly easily.


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    > I have a question about the formatting of results from searches. [I'm
    > relatively new to corpus linguistics and I apologise in advance if this
    > quesiton is so basic.]
    > I use the SARAH interface to BNC and Wordsmith tools for other corpora. I
    > often take concordance results (say as ".xml" files) from my PC onto my
    > and open them up in Word. The key words then show up with their markup
    > <kw> and </kw> but, of course, not any more nicely formatted with the key
    > words centered. I've been manually putting tabs before <kw> and after
    > and converting the concordance into a table. In that way I get the key
    > words centered.
    > There must be a more automatic way of getting the key words centered in my
    > Word document on a Mac? Can anyone advise me on this? I thought the Qwick
    > application could do this but that doesn't seem available for downloading
    > at the moment.
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