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      I am not sure it is the thing that you need - but there is CD with full 2000 year content of Nizavissimaya newspaper here.

    >Dear list members,
    >does anybody know a Russian language corpus that covers the first half of the 90ies (1990-1995) or part of that period?
    >A corpus of newspaper/magazine texts would be ideal (even a small one), but other genres and spoken Russian are also welcome.
    >So far the only thing I found is the so-called "Hamburg Corpus" (="St.Petersburg Corpus") from 1989-1991.
    >Thanks in advance for your help and ideas!
    >Barbara Müller
    >Mag. Barbara Müller
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    >Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)
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    Vladimir Rykov, PhD in Comp Linguistics, Linguistic Institute RAS, MOSCOW

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