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Date: Fri Nov 16 2001 - 01:29:06 MET

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    I'd like to thank the persons who helped me find SMS abbreviations in
    various languages.

    A Spanish glossary can be seen at this site:

    Several German glossaries (and informative articles) can be seen here:

    And there are two books out on the subject:

    In English:
    WAN2TLK? ltle bk of txt msgs, London: Michael O'Mara Books, 2000, pp.95,
    ISBN: 185479678X

    in French:
    Jacques Anis. Parlez-vous texto ? Guide des nouveaux langages du réseau
    Le cherche-midi éditeur ISBN n° 2 86274.888.9 112 pages 115 x 190 58
    francs 8,84 € (2001)
    The author's website:

    BTW, where I work (AOL, Seattle office) we make software for cell phones
    that allows users to press one key per letter when typing these SMS texts.
    To type "CUL8R", for example, you would simply press 2-8-5-8-7 (rather than
    multitapping 2-2-2 for "C", 8-8 for "U", 5-5-5 for "L", etc.


    Tim Buckwalter wrote:

    > I'm looking for glossaries of commonly used Short Message Service
    > abbreviations in Spanish, French , Italian and German. Typical English
    > SMS abbreviations include "CUL8R" (see you later) and B4 (before). For
    > Spanish I know of only "TQ" (te quiero), "T2" (todos), and "SL2"
    > (saludos). I've done various Google searches using the keywords "SMS
    > slang dictionary glosary" in the respective languages, and I've found
    > references to publications of English SMS vocabulary (e.g.
    > but nothing for
    > Spanish, French, Italian and German. Any links to SMS glossaries in
    > these languages would be appreciated.
    > TIA,
    > Tim
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