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From: Marie-Hélène Antoni (Marie-Helene.Antoni@univ-poitiers.fr)
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 18:30:13 MET

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                 Colloque International sur la Fouille de Texte

                           La Rochelle 22-24 juin 2004 (France)




      After CIFT'02, organised in Hammamet in October
      2002, CIFT'04, International Conference on Text
      Mining, will be held in La Rochelle (France), from
      22nd to 24th June 2004.
      This meeting will take place during the "digital document
      week" (SDN'04, Semaine du Document Numérique; 21-25
    June), which brings together around 20
      workshops and scientific conferences (e.g. ATALA
      and ISKO-France). This scientific week is
      organised by RTP-Doc (http://rtp-doc.enssib.fr)

      This year's themes for the conference are therefore
    linked to production and
      diffusion of electronic documents. Most conferences
    will focus on information exploitation and intelligent
    access to contents, be they text, image, sound or
    video. SDN aims at bringing together various
    communities who all have a different approach to
    documents and textual contents, in order to allow
    participants to benefit from this diversity. The CIFT
    conference which was in 2002 already associated to
    CIDE (Conférence Internationale sur le Document
    Electronique) and CIFED (Colloque International
    Francophone sur l'Ecrit et le Document) is therefore a
    natural key leader in this project.

      CIFT stems from the common preoccupation of an
    emerging community of researchers seeking the
    concerted use of techniques of Information Science,
    Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Linguistics,
    Terminology, Natural Language Processing, Machine
    Learning, Knowledge Acquisition, Ontology Learning,
    Text Mining and Semantic Web. They have already
    organised several conferences and workshops such as
    AFIA, LREC, EGC and CoNLL.

    Within the SDN, CIFT wants to be a forum for
    discussions around the implementation of such methods on bases of textual
    or more generally audio-visual documents.
      Consequently, evaluators will especially appreciate
    papers on detailed and large-scale experimentation
    involving Text
      Mining solutions or the integration of text mining
    software in global document
      engineering systems, or papers on the presentation of
    software solutions
      (including help tools regarding learning validation,
    results browsing, etc).

      Submitted papers may deal with theoretical,
    methodological or practical aspects of Text Mining. The
      following list of topics is intended as suggestive
      rather than comprehensive:

      * Text Mining Models and methods derived from:

      - du traitement statistique des données
      - Data Mining
      - Natural Language Processing
      - Knowledge Acquisition
      - Artificial Intelligence
      - Multilingual approach
      - digital/symbolic Machine Learning
      - Automatic Clustering
      - Patterns Recognition
      - XML World
      - Ontologies
      - etc.

      * Fields of (mono/multilingual) application :

      - Information retrieval
      - Information Extraction
      - Question/Answering systems
      - Categorisation, push, pull
      - Machine abstracts
      - Semantic Web
      - knowledge re-engineering
      - Information Synthesis
      - Writing Help
      - Decision Help
       - etc

      * Dates to be remembered:

    Deadline for submission: 1st February 2004
    Authors Notification: 15th March 2004
    Due date for Camera Ready Copies: 15th april 2004
    Conference: 22-24 Juin 2004
    submit and address questions about the conference program to:

    Conference Committee Chair :
    Marie-Hélène Antoni & François Yvon


    Program Committee :
    Comité de Programme:

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