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Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 18:17:31 MET

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    Part of the Charlotte Narrative and Conversation corpus is up in two places,
    each of which will let your students do small-scale empirical research: <> and <>


    Boyd Davis


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    language and gender...


    Dear All,


    I am in the process of preparing an introductory course on language and
    gender and was thinking about compiling a "language and gender studies
    corpus sampler" for my students so they can carry out some small-scale
    empirical research projects to base their term papers on. For this sampler
    it would be ideal to have spoken and/or written corpora with (roughly
    comparable) male and female subsections, or just all-male/all-female
    talk/writing corpora, or maybe even collections of exclusively gay and/or
    lesbian language.


    I'm going to include a couple of small and specialised home-made corpora
    (literary texts, book reviews, pop/rap song lyrics...), but would also like
    to use larger and less specialised ones, such as COLT and (parts of) the
    BNC. Does anyone know about a possibility to extract from these corpora
    all-female and all-male conversations or male/female authored texts (without
    having to read the headers of 4,000+ text files)? I had a look at David
    Lee's "BNC Index" Excel spreadsheet but couldn't find sex indicators for
    spoken texts (maybe most of them are mixed sex anyway). Also, I would be
    grateful for pointers to other corpora which might be appropriate for
    L&G-related research (MICASE online is already on my list; and I've
    subdivided the transcript files of the Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken
    American English into male/female/mixed groups).


    Best wishes and thanks in advance... Ute





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