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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 07:47:28 MET DST

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    Dear Belén and others,


    I can recommend a very nice article on learner corpora by Nadja Nesselhauf
    which gives a thorough overview of what's available, just out in a
    collection edited by John Sinclair. The full reference is:

    Nesselhauf, Nadja. 2004. Learner Corpora and their Potential for Language
    Teaching. In: Sinclair, John McH. (ed.) How to Use Corpora in Language
    Teaching. Amsterdam: Benjamins.


    Another relevant paper by Norma A. Pravec, entitled “Survey of learner
    corpora”, was published in the ICAME Journal (no. 26) in 2002. The paper is
    available online at


    And then there is a very nice chapter on the topic, written by Michael
    Barlow, which will soon be published in a volume edited by Rod Ellis (but I
    don't know the title).


    I am also working on a written learner corpus myself, though that one is
    still in a rather early stage (at present it is basically an unedited
    collection of text files). It consists of English term papers and essays
    written by German university students. The corpus is called "CALC", for
    Cologne Advanced Learner's Corpus, but it might soon develop into "CHALC" as
    I am planning to add some of my Hanover students' term papers.


    Best wishes... Ute





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    > Dear all,


    > my name is Belen Diez and I am a research student at the University of

    > Jaen, Spain. I'm currently doing research on written learner corpora,

    > that is, written corpora of students of English as a second or foreign

    > language.


    > As I would like to add a list with relevant information of the learner

    > corpora that have been compiled or are in the process, I would

    > appreciate if you could email me with the main features of the learner

    > corpora you are working with (either big or 'home-made' ones).


    > Thank you all beforehand,


    > Belen Diez

    > Department of English Philology

    > University of Jaen

    > Spain

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